Reply to a poem

Ebullient and happy jumped me
For dat,this poem was the key
My mind would reply might
Even if time was inchoate at sight

Blessed with legerdemain you
I forgot the value of mue
Good,it has approbated a soul
Where all melancholy sail shoal

Keep on with assiduous name
Like how you resume a saved game
Besides grateful for a blithesome bun
I more wish you a honest burgeon


Soft falls the evening ambience of slow
Lingering shadows hiding from the ever
Increasing darkness. Softly, softly night
Arrives casting its embracing arms in comfort

Daylight slides gracefully away allowing darkness
To cast it spell of nighttime thoughts around us
We sight as the night pushes gracefully into every
Crevasse The ground we stand upon loses focus

Evenings passing is as always a quiet time of melancholy
Memories of long ago invade our minds until night times
Dark shroud allows memories to fade gently away, burning
Into phosphorus as easily as the slowly evening light dying..
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Oscar Wilde

Thought it was a toy
Unaware of upcoming sheer joy

I greeted hello
The bag was yellow

My mind tried to lag
To know what was in the bag

Slithered the book
That’s when I was hook

Second best gift of the year
Raced my spirit to full gear

I’d been to mesosphere
Once I knew I wasn’t here

The picture of Darian Gray
In my hands it lay

I’d waited for this book
From the time I read ‘The brook’

Mind did go blank
But I do thank

By the by I smiled
It was Oscar Wilde


Have you ever been accepted and then been rejected at the same time?

Yes, It was one such day. Being excited about the interview about the job proile and having thought a lot about it, I felt I should give it a try. After all, trying is better and interesting. But, in the present case, I’d to risk the chance since I’d no idea about it.

The clock struck 8 o’clock. It was time for me to leave to the unknown place for the interview having a thin tall zero knowledge about the job designation. After a while, I’d literally lost my way due to confusing sector main roads and somehow made it for the office building just a few minutes late from the fixed appointment time.

It was a fresh sunny day with slow moving traffic as usual in one of the heaviest and busiest highways in Bangalore city. The tension was building up in my blank mind which was more concerned than my heart about the job. In the signal, a poor thin lady sold yellow large balloons for ten rupees each to make her living for the day. She looked terrible carrying a little child in her arms. Why is life soo miserable? I wonder.

I wanted to forget my interview and just go help the lady in all the ways that I could. She had the baby child covered in a black spotted shawl. It had pale eyes and had a stretched hands begging for money in the signal. It was crying for food. I closed my eyes for a moment and said a little prayer thanking God for all that I’ve been gifted and blessed, praying this poverty will eradicate soon from this world.

Having been in the hangover of the moments passed in the signal, I reached the office help desk to enquire about the HR for further interview process.

Interview process included four prolonged rounds namely Self introduction, Email writing, PPA test, IQ test. There were ten to fifteen candidates for various job designations. Most of them were experienced persons among them except me- “The fresher”.

Ofcourse I was scared competing with the experienced candidates. Before the interview started, at one point, I even felt like running away out the door screaming. But then I had to clear and erase my mind screen from such negative feelings. Honestly speaking, this was not my domain and associate interest.

I was least interested in software, corporate and ‘computer’ coding. It was a vex, torture sitting in the air getting hot and tight around me in the hallway. Pen is mightier than the sword. I wanted to write. I wanted to dance,sing and just go out there and help that poor balloon lady. But I had to try corporate for many other good reasons!

After the application forms were filled with all the document details, the candidates were asked to wait seated in the lobby. After a while, we were taken to the first floor of the building where the interview rounds were to be held.

A young tall lady with sweet voice approached us calling each one of us for the PPA test. She gave the clear instructions on how the PPA test had to be taken. She had the longest hair I’ve ever seen anywhere. Ever! She looked exactly like one of my aunts. Test was normal.

Further we were directed to the next floor of the building for the second round of the interview which was e-mail writing. I chose to write on requesting the client to be the guest speaker for your upcoming webinar. I was lucky enough to pass this round too. Few candidates were eliminated. Others had to wait for the other two rounds that is IQ test and the final HR face to face interview.

There were special services for the candidates who had been waiting from a long time now. A small staff boy served us tea in eco-friendly white paper cups. He was decent, hair being neatly combed to left side of the bisector.

The best part of the building was, each step has a humourous quote printed on them as in like one of them being- “My dream is to be a millionaire like my uncle,he’s dreaming too”. Another one that I remember is- ” when trouble shoots you, you’ve to shoot back the trouble”. The last step read this way- “you can take my advice, I don’t use it anyway”. This was the only green plackards on the stairs that eased our stress level.

I made few momentary friends while waiting to be called for the further rounds. One guy having worked for two years with a backlog in this 11th grade was having excellent communication skills but was whining about his backlog subject. He told his sad story of how he still couldn’t pass the commerce subject even after four faithful attempts.

The lady with the long hair who had tangled a plait called my name and asked me to meet the HR. She took me inside the sub cabin where in HR was waiting for me and she closed the door behind me. My heart started pounding against the chest. It was the final round for the day! I sighed a relief and told myself that I’m going to do this.

I slightly opened the HR main cabin where he was seated. I asked me to come in without making an eye contact. He was busy updating the resume details in his personal computer. I was asked to take my seat. I gently closed the door and pulled a wheelchair next to the door. I hit my right side of my head to the edge of the monitor of the computer that he was busy with. It’s angle rotation was about 10 to 12 degrees anticlockwise.

Many files lay on his left hand side of the desk. A coffee mug on his right along with a bunch of lazy ballpens with different colors. He shone with bright blood red casual Tee. His brown eyes were well protected in the rectangular frame spectacles. Smile that he gave was calm,friendly and peaceful. He was a bald man with few millimetres of hair pending on the backside of his head.

I always love to answer for the most famous question- ”Tell me something about yourself”. We had a good talk on the resume details. He was all completely fine with all that I answered except the technical question area.

He seemed quite upset when he got to know I’ve least knowledge in the post that he was hiring me. I wasn’t surprised! That had to be obvious. He informed me about my weakness and on the topics that I was supposed to improve. But the miracle that happened was, he gave me a second chance and asked me to come back in a month.

Apparently, he was too much impressed from the talk that we had and he wanted to hire me in any situation and all the cases and he promised me he’ll definitely offer me the joining for the job in a month. I never thought this would happen when I woke up that morning. The job that I never wanted to attend but was offered a second chance with maximum benefits. Never in my dreams had I thought about it. That’s when you know the result of trying. Don’t you think, that’s when you rediscover yourself and your hidden potentials?